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Pain Management
Nathan Briner is a leading pain management coach and movement therapist based at Radiance Yoga and Therapy in San Diego, California. Nathan offers personalized movement therapy and strength training through the Pilates Method and alignment based yoga. Nathan also offers a specialized manual therapy that is highly effective at reducing chronic pain and pain from recent injury. In addition to his therapeutic work, Nathan is a featured instructor for the online streaming platform He created the online Movement Medicine program - PostureRx for back pain and posture restoration and his method and techniques are included in the wellness book Spent, by Frank Lipman MD. Nathan teaches workshops on the biomechanics of yoga and lectures on the advances of the biopsychosocial model of pain management.

Posture Flexibility Core Strength
In addition to pain management, Nathan offers one-on-one sessions in yoga, Pilates and the PostureRx therapy program. "My goal is always to inspire people to move and build strong, responsive bodies. I watch people transform month after month as we work together building powerful, flexible bodies. Balance and core strength improve. Flexibility returns. Pain fades away and people regain a sense of confidence and appreciation for how strong and mobile they can feel."

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