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Nathan Briner

Nathan Briner

Nathan Briner is owner of the TrueBalance Sports Therapy clinic in San Diego, California. He has been helping people for over 20 years to get control of their pain and recover a strong, flexible body. Nathan uses bodywork and movement therapies for the treatment of chronic pain, challenges with movement or flexibility, and improving sports performance. Are you ready to get moving?

Common conditions I work with:
• Low back pain and herniations
• Shoulder pain and restrictions
• Hip and knee pain
• Injuries and sprains
• Working with baby boomers
• Massage and trigger point therapy
• Yoga and Pilates
• Helping people rediscover the gift movement.

PostureRX Home Program

Poor posture, aches from work or injuries, stiff or painful movements are challenges everybody faces in their lives. They can steal our attention and prevent us from fully enjoying the activities we love to do. Not knowing how to fix them or how to answer the question "what exercises should I do?" is frustrating and disempowering. PostureRx is a home program that uses the exercises, movements, and pain neutralization techniques that I offer in my sports therapy clinic and workshops that help people solve these issues. We address back pain, rounding shoulders, lost flexibility, balance and much more through a sequence of online videos that provide the tools, the education and the guidance you need to make the changes you're looking for. PostureRx guides you through safe and effective movements that leave you (regardless of age, experience or activity level) feeling balanced, mobile, and rejuvenated!

Check out the PostureRX Home Program!

  • Routines under 20 minutes
  • Rebuild your posture in the comfort of your home
  • Take control of pain and feel how effective Movement Medicine can be

  • Program access wherever you have internet
  • Expert instruction to ensure you get results
  • Pay online and cancel your subscription at any time

I'm so glad I can finally take this work home with me!

K. Leston

I couldn't believe how much better my frozen shoulder moved after the Upper Body Lesson

A. Nelson

A few sessions with Nate and I've seen a 90% improvement in pain and mobility.

Pete K.

I was amazed that my head was able to touch the wall after our routine. It was 4 inches away at the beginning of class!.

B. Bettis

Nathan was very invested in my recovery and I received genuine and razor-sharp focus

R. Falquier

In just minutes a day, I am feeling so much better - without drugs or surgery

Stu G

After just one month I'm back to lifting weights, swinging kettle balls and doing what I enjoy most - movement!

Pete K.