Workshops & Seminars

Nathan conducts workshops within the US and internationally on a range of subjects and tailors the information toward the needs and goals of the attendees.

For health and safety reasons there are currently no workshops scheduled for 2020.

Workshop Subjects Include:

I teach what I like to call "Advanced Basics". In any endeavor, it is said that everything comes down to the fundamentals. Yoga is no different. With a clear understanding and application of the basic principles of Asana and Pranayama, the joy and rewards of practice will inevitably emerge. Having these principles as a guide, aspiring students will always know if they are doing the poses in a safe and healing manner. These principles also bring forth the deeper meditative benefits of yoga. This is my passion. To shed light on the anatomical, emotional, and spiritual aspects that are the true gifts of practice. The yoga workshops have two primary goals. First is to teach students how to feel and understand their unique body structure and how this information guides their practice of the poses. The second goal is personal transformation. Often the gift of inner growth is missed in yoga practice because so much emphasis is placed on the physical. When we learn how to perform the Asanas in a well-balanced, receptive way, the gift of inner quiet and receptivity emerges. Knowing how to realize and use this inner reflective capacity is an essential piece to growing through mental and emotional blocks.
PostureRX Workshops
These workshops are about rediscovering and mastering movement and strength that has been lost or forgotten due to sports, pain or daily life.

  • Upper body: Focus is on awareness of thoracic movement and its contribution to full, comfortable shoulder function. The cervical spine and arm function are also addressed in depth. Common aches and pains addressed are rotator cuff issues, neck pinches, forward displaced shoulders and head, discomfort in the shoulder area.
  • Spinal Rejuvination: Restoring a strong, mobile spine is essential for proper functioning of the arms and legs. In this class, exercises focus on recovery of pain free lumbar movement. In addition we explore movements of all levels of the spine to reestablish a freedom and flexibility that was automatic in our youth.
  • Lower Body: Knees and hips are a big focus in this workshop. We learn to...
DermoNeuroModulation (DNM)
DNM is an interactive, hands-on technique that can neutralize pain in seconds. It is gentle and easy to learn for health practitioners and it is a gateway to significantly increasing the effectiveness of all other modes of therapy. DNM works with the brain and nervous system to reduce or eliminate protective muscle guarding and area specific pain so that effortless, unrestricted movement can re-emerge.
Therapeutic Neuroscience Education
The most essential component to successful pain reduction. Studies show that those who understand their pain consistently show better improvement in pain scores and return to function. This lecture explains pain in a way that helps calm fear and worry and gives a step by step process on how to safely engage in your healing process.

2018 PostureRX and Yoga Schedule

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January 20th
Hapa Yoga Studio Mission Valley, San Diego

Standing poses - The foundation of Asana The standing Asanas provide the foundation of strength and mobility for a healthy yoga practice. Cost is $25. In this workshop we will explore standing poses in a slow and safe manner to learn the actions and alignment that build healthy joints, a strong spine and pliable muscles. These Asana promote better posture, unwind the aches and stiffness from daily life, and teach the fundamentals for safely approaching deeper stretches. Presented by Nathan Briner - Pain management specialist of the TrueBalance Sports Therapy Clinic San Diego.

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